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First of all I convey my heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Rattanlal Hangloo (Ex-Vice Chancellor, The University Kalyani) for his immense support and Co-Operation during the struggling days. Now we have completed three successive academic sessions. We are proud of our students achievement in the University examinations. The history of G.D.College, though short, is glorious for its academic success and innovative and cultural activities. In our stirring effort and initiative the University of Kalyani has introduced Islamic History and Arabic (Pass & Honours) as the subjects of study. We are desirous of getting Urdu and Persian in our college’s course of studies. With the same context I do have great pleasure to say that our Principal is a Scholar of Persian Language and Literature too. Most of Indian History is treasured in Persian Language and so its importance cannot be overlooked. May Allah help us with spirit and power so we can eradicate injustice, illiteracy, ignorance and prejudices with the help of enlightened knowledge. G.D.College is determined to march a long way in finding and showing path to the knowledge a seekers.